Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop

Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop
"That little ol' [angel] can only get you part of the way. You have to help it along with some hard work." Princess and the Frog

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"The pit of dispair." -The Princess Bride

Ever had the time the light is far off,
you don't know if you can reach...
Your weakness so apparently seen,
definitely not a walk on the beach.

In those moments you feel alone,
wondering why you are there.
No one close, no friend to call,
the feelings going through not fair.

And yet, there is hope to be seen,
in that darkness so deep.
It take courage for sure,
to take that giant leap.

I know at times you feel stuck,
in mud to your waist.
Especially in a cruel and hard
world, so fast paced.

But lo, that is not the truth!
You are not alone.
That I can promise,
this truth in scripture is shown.

Your sorrows and fears,
the time lost in space,
your life on the edge, dying,
unable to finish the race.

But I promise that if you look,
you will see.
A hand pulling you forward,
a winner you still may be.

You have loved ones,
they are never that far.
They are your support,
they can be your "star."

Your choices make a difference,
of that never doubt.
Know we are there for you,
we can help you on your route.

All the while a voice is heard,
"My child, my child, Thou hast love.
From Myself, your Father, and,
your Brother above."

Don't think you are alone,
as the foot prints in the sand,
You're carried in the hardest point,
as your life you have scanned.

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