Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop

Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop
"That little ol' [angel] can only get you part of the way. You have to help it along with some hard work." Princess and the Frog

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What will I feel?

Having hit the less-than-a-month-left stage of the mission. I have been thinking back on all that I have experienced and done. But, wow, I cannot even describe in good sense or words what I feel and what I have learned from this whole experience. All of it is way beyond my capacity to even fully understand. I have learned to trust in the Lord more fully and accept His will in my life. As I have come to face a lot of difficulties I have also learned that through His help I can accomplish wonders and see them in my life. We are promised all through out the scriptures of the Lord's help unto His servants, the prophets and to those who serve Him with all their hearts, minds, and souls. Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 promises that as we do the Lord's work we will be promised to have angels 'round about us. What a great promise!

Also there are many instances in the Bible of those who served the Lord and had many miracles occur because of their faith in Him. For instance, Elijah stood against the priests of Baal and overcame them by his faith and showed the power of God to all the people there. Also Elisha with his servant when they were surrounded by their enemies and had the hosts of heaven at their back. Wow, also Moses when he stood against Pharaoh and the armies of Egypt. He, by faith and action helped free the Israelites from slavery, even parting the Red sea so they were able to pass through on dry ground.

Many instances were shown in the Book of Mormon as well. Wonders as done for Nephi, when he was instructed to build a ship, and showing the power of God unto his brothers. Or, Samuel the Lamanite when he stood up for the truth on a wall, having arrows and stones thrown and shot at him, but the power of the Lord protected him until his message was delivered. All of these are just a few of the stories that are shared about faith and miracles happening after that initial trial of faith.

I have learned, as did the pioneers of the past, that I can do hard things. I know so can you. We all have the capability to accomplish wonders and see the hand of the Lord influence our lives everyday. How is this possible? By the power and mercy afforded us by the Savior, Jesus Christ. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."John 3:16

Prayer is also essential for us to develop such faith in God. As we pray we come to understand who He is and what His goal for us is. We know through Moses 1:39 "For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." How much He loves us! He wants us to succeed and to have Eternal life. The greatest of all blessings, being that of Exaltation with our God and Jesus Christ. We can live together with them forever, along with our loved ones, previously passed on and living with us today. The blessings from the gospel are truly that of love and peace in this life and eternal joy in the life to come. Have faith and trust in an Almighty God, who loves us beyond our mortal imaginations. We cannot even compare to what we think God's love for us is. Nothing we know can help us understand it. 

As we let this power work in us we can then begin the needed changes to our lives. We can come to see our flaws and recognize the things we can do to become better, stronger, and more full of the Light of Christ. "The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness." Luke 11:14 Others will see the light in our eyes and desire to know of the cause. Then can we share of the love we feel from our knowledge of our Savior, Pattern, and Friend.

Let your hearts be centered on the Savior. Let Him change you to become what you were meant to become. And discover your full potential.

In the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

what is it to you?

This is a question we all face,
when having to decide why we race.
To what is the end goal,
How much are we willing to pay for the toll.

If it is really so much worth,
Are you willing to brave the dearth?
Do you take the steps needed to gain,
that one thing calling out your name?

Do you have the courage to try,
even though you may trip and on your face lie?
Can you stand and show 
the path you have decided to go?

Make the choice,
Give to your faith your voice.
That alone is not enough,
you have to now act, though it might be tough.

Do the steps necessary,
to wade through each tributary.
When you find something you are willing to pay for,
Don't hesitate, especially if it gets you out the door.

One step, one foot in front of the other,
Then your motivation they can't smother.
As you find the joy in your choice,
aid others to see it, guide them with your voice. 

The walk you don't take alone,
At the end, you are guided to a throne.
Peace and rest you can receive,
if on One you can always believe. 

He awaits you to let Him in,
To help alleviate you of sin. 
He administers to all relief,
to ease the burden of our grief.

Sing a song of praise and joy,
To One who came as a simple boy.
All things he has suffered for you and me,
So that we, too, might live with Him and be free. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is choice?

Some say it is right or wrong,
Others claim is a dance and a song.
Some say it is simple,
And others complex,
How are we supposed to pass the test?

Do I choose "A" or "B"?
Or is it "D" and "C"?
Left or right, any know?
Which is the right way to go.

I stand, confused at the inconsistency,
Something that has followed since infancy.
I look to another for the answer,
Yet, there seems to be no source pure.

Seeing my lack of direction,
One dear friend took some action.
They approached with some hesitancy,
With a book in hand, (poor being my literacy)

He mentioned some stories,
That helped ease his own worries.
Intrigued I accepted and opened the page.
The words were unusual, their use I could not gauge.

Yet, I took the challenge,
Some thing to help me change.
As I studied the words,
I felt it more than heard.

My heart accept truth I had not before known,
The standard planted in my heart outward shown.
I found purpose in my daily action,
I learned to join and choose which faction.

I know to choose the right now,
Would you like to know how?
I prayed with real intent,
Deciding action on the answer sent.

I knew if I had faith the truth would come,
Though it takes some form of patience for some.
I needed time to grow and progress,
It was no where near easy, I confess.

I needed to choose and decide for myself,
No one could do it for me, or leave it on the shelf.
I needed to see, and I finally did,
Of my doubts and concerns I got rid.

The same is available to you,
This promise for centuries remains true.
If you want to know like how I do,
Please ask, and I will show you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Humble to Great

Silent and calm was the night,
In the lowly stable, shone the light bright.
Lovingly the mother laid the child,
Sweet and gentle, sleeping mild.
The shepherds witnessed that ray,
And told those they met the next day!
Of joy and peace complete,
Of the Christ child they did meet.
His life, though unknown,
Humility was constantly shown.
Always reminding of the Father,
From whom He was sent.
Sadly the mobs, did not understand,
His body, later, torn and rent.
He hung after finishing a long torment,
And for each individual soul offered Atonement.
All His life He would say, "My will?
Nay, but Thine to fulfill."
He died a hero's death, we know,
His Father's plan He did show.
But after three day's He did rise,
Hail to the King, the Lord of the skies!
He overcame death, sorrow, and sin,
And opened the doors of heaven to let us in.
To Him will I sing my praise and delight,
For He conquered the dragon, hidden in the night.
Through His power, Satan has no claim,
Only through His power can we rejoice with Him again.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Silent and Still

Is the night,
calm, with a wintery chill.
Looking over the vast distance,
watching as the frost coats,
And the snowflakes dance.

Remembers the story prophets wrote.
Of Isaiah, one of the called,
Of whose prophesies quote.
Of the birth of a Savior, with many names all.
As the dawn bursts forth,
So, too, the bells ring.

The joy of the season, of all our worth!
Come, with the bells, let us sing.
Of salvation made possible to us,
By the humble start of One.
As we come to our God we trust,
In the perfection of His Son.

Silent and still was the night,
That the Source of Peace,
The Guide to the Right,
Was born, as the sounds of the animals did cease.
Listen to the bells, their carol play,
Join in with joy! This holy day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sharing is Caring

When you find something you think is neat,
You desire to share it will all you meet.
Whether it is a movie you just saw,
Or a new piece of music that brought awe.
Doesn't matter the content,
You share it with all who don't resent.

This is something I have come to know,
Something now I want to share, to show.
There is something that can bring true bliss,
when really searching you can hardly miss.
Faith in something helps us move on,
Even when something you think should be there is gone.

You may have lost a loved one,
Or just had a bad day.
You may think that you deserve something fun,
Or that something should be done a different way.
I know all things that have happened to you,
Are different than have to me.
All these things are true.
And yet, there is joy you can see.

This is why I wear the tag,
This is why I live out of a traveling bag.
I want to share the comfort I have felt,
Share the experiences I have under my belt.
I want others to know they are not alone,
Even when others isolate them in some zone.

You have a Friend stronger than I,
You can find Him, only if you try.
I can help guide on the path set before,
But you have to be the one to knock on the door.
I claim the title of a missionary,
No, this does not come with magic, like a fairy.

My actions show my faith, my trust,
And it is my fault if the sword starts to rust.
My anger and weaknesses I seek to remove,
But not by my power can this I prove.
By the power of my Savior I find the right,
By His Eternal, never ending light.

The gospel  is here for all who seek,
I can help guide you through the darkness bleak.
I am not the one to take the blame,
For you know, I carry my Savior's name.
My glory is nada, nothing, zilch, none,
But to Him, my King, the only one.

We share this joy we love,
This gospel that is from above.
We want to help you know,
You are never alone, this I can show.
The proof is here and now,
It doesn't end in the past, so How?

Look to the prophets, they lead the way,
The truth the light, and this you have a say.
Ask the Lord, whom is all truth,
And He will let you know forsooth.
Share what you love,
As He has, who lives up above.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


How do you know that you are on the path right?
How do you know that you are doing good in His sight?
What is so sure that there is some truth?
Especially, in the world, so far aloof.
How are you certain you are doing your best?
How do you know that you are up to the test?
What do you feel when you have come above the rest?
Especially when you step on others, and yet feel so stressed.

You know you have done your best when you feel good,
knowing that you have done all you can as you should.
You feel satisfied and content with the result.
You love the feel of stretching, like that of a far shooting catapult.
You feel grateful for the chance to help and aid.
Many who have fallen along the way, their price you paid.

You can now by a simple act of faith and prayer,
turn to the Lord, know that for sure He is there.
He will let you know what better you can do,
there is always some room to improve.
I hope this helps light the way,
to help others and yourself throughout the day.