Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop

Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop
"That little ol' [angel] can only get you part of the way. You have to help it along with some hard work." Princess and the Frog

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Humble to Great

Silent and calm was the night,
In the lowly stable, shone the light bright.
Lovingly the mother laid the child,
Sweet and gentle, sleeping mild.
The shepherds witnessed that ray,
And told those they met the next day!
Of joy and peace complete,
Of the Christ child they did meet.
His life, though unknown,
Humility was constantly shown.
Always reminding of the Father,
From whom He was sent.
Sadly the mobs, did not understand,
His body, later, torn and rent.
He hung after finishing a long torment,
And for each individual soul offered Atonement.
All His life He would say, "My will?
Nay, but Thine to fulfill."
He died a hero's death, we know,
His Father's plan He did show.
But after three day's He did rise,
Hail to the King, the Lord of the skies!
He overcame death, sorrow, and sin,
And opened the doors of heaven to let us in.
To Him will I sing my praise and delight,
For He conquered the dragon, hidden in the night.
Through His power, Satan has no claim,
Only through His power can we rejoice with Him again.

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