Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop

Angel Moroni on snowy backdrop
"That little ol' [angel] can only get you part of the way. You have to help it along with some hard work." Princess and the Frog

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is choice?

Some say it is right or wrong,
Others claim is a dance and a song.
Some say it is simple,
And others complex,
How are we supposed to pass the test?

Do I choose "A" or "B"?
Or is it "D" and "C"?
Left or right, any know?
Which is the right way to go.

I stand, confused at the inconsistency,
Something that has followed since infancy.
I look to another for the answer,
Yet, there seems to be no source pure.

Seeing my lack of direction,
One dear friend took some action.
They approached with some hesitancy,
With a book in hand, (poor being my literacy)

He mentioned some stories,
That helped ease his own worries.
Intrigued I accepted and opened the page.
The words were unusual, their use I could not gauge.

Yet, I took the challenge,
Some thing to help me change.
As I studied the words,
I felt it more than heard.

My heart accept truth I had not before known,
The standard planted in my heart outward shown.
I found purpose in my daily action,
I learned to join and choose which faction.

I know to choose the right now,
Would you like to know how?
I prayed with real intent,
Deciding action on the answer sent.

I knew if I had faith the truth would come,
Though it takes some form of patience for some.
I needed time to grow and progress,
It was no where near easy, I confess.

I needed to choose and decide for myself,
No one could do it for me, or leave it on the shelf.
I needed to see, and I finally did,
Of my doubts and concerns I got rid.

The same is available to you,
This promise for centuries remains true.
If you want to know like how I do,
Please ask, and I will show you.

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